Agency And Services

Shipping Services (Fiji) Pte Limited offer full and comprehensive agency services for charter and tramp vessels, tankers and ships crew repatriation works.

With our role as Ships Agent, we are able to provide the following services:

  • Board and clear vessel upon arrival and departure
  • Prepare inward and outward clearance for each vessel with all relevant statutory authorities
  • Application for work visa and extensions for expatriate workers, if required
  • Arranging for the necessary medical assistance if required
  • Attend to vessels bunker
  • Attend to Ship Provisions/Water
  • Liaise with the relevant statutory authorities (like Fiji Customs, Bio Security Of Fiji, Port Health and Immigration) on the submission of documentation
  • Disposal of ship waste and sludge
  • Entertainment – tours, sight-seeing, etc., upon request.

Prior to any new appointments, we require full vessel information and the ships arrival time in advance for accurate planning.

Furthermore, the pre-funding and disbursement of vessel accounts can also be finalised at time of appointment.

For imports to Fiji we can, on request organise shipment and delivery of your cargo to wherever you require at competitive rates. Just contact our sales team for more details.